About Us


Our Aim


Newham Youth For Christ is a small Christian charity that was formed in January 2012. Our aim is to help young people to discover and deepen their Christian faith and to equip local churches across Newham to develop sustainable, effective youth ministry.



Our Values


At Newham YFC we are committed to ensuring that the following values are at the heart of everything we do. 


At Newham YFC we believe in:


Being inclusive of all denominations and all young people

At NYFC we work with all denominations from Anglicans to Catholics, Baptists to Pentecostal's: our goal is to see all churches delivering effective youth ministry.

We also believe in being welcoming and inclusive of all young people, regardless of background, gender, religion, disability or sexual orientation. 


Longevity and supporting holistic relationships

We believe that effective quality youth work is not something that happens over night. We are committed to seeing youth workers, volunteers and youth projects stick it out for the long haul.

As an organisation, we're committed to working with young people, not just through one off events, but in supportive relationships that ensure they are supported long after an event or project has finished. 


Partnering with and complementing existing services, churches & ministries 

We believe that there are some fantastic organisations and people in Newham doing great work with young people. As such, if someone's already doing it, we'll look to join in and support them, rather than duplicate or compete.


Being responsive to expressed changing needs

Things change and as an organisation we are committed to being responsive to these changes, listening to where young people are at, what they are facing and how we can support the local church in meeting these changing needs. 


Encouraging collaboration & peer support

We want to see youth workers and volunteers working together whilst encouraging young people to encourage and support one another too. 


Raising up and supporting leaders

There's so much potential in people. Sometimes all they need is the support to realise it! Whether we see leadership potential in young people or in volunteers, we are committed to supporting and developing that leadership potential. 


Being professional and promoting excellence 

We want everything we do to be the best it can be. As such, whether its a youth event we're planning, volunteer training we're delivering or publicity we're creating, we are constantly striving for it to be the best it can be.


Being Christ centred & underpinned by prayer

We believe that Jesus is at the centre of everything and our projects are no exception. We want people to see, in every project, in some way, how much Jesus loves them.

We believe that prayer is fundamental to everything we do. It's essential we ask God to guide us as we look forward, as well as to bless and work through what we're doing right now in the borough.


Encouraging spiritual growth 

We believe that we should always be looking to move forward in our relationship with Jesus and this has never been more true than when working with young people. We look to ensure that everything we do helps move young people that little bit closer to Jesus, not just once, but time and time again.



Our Faith


Our Christian faith is at the heart of our ethos and is even declared in the title of our organisation so, from the outset, everyone is aware of the reason behind our desire to serve and support local young people. All Newham YFC staff members and students are committed Christians with genuine passion for showing the young people of Newham that God loves them. Unlike secular youth work organisations, we strive to address their physical, social, emotional and spiritual needs. Although our Christian faith is the driving power behind our work, we never force our faith on others and we love to work with people from any background regardless of their religious views. .

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