Newham YFC deliver 'Chemistry Club' sex and relationships courses based upon the material from Romance Academy - a widely praised national SRE initiative.

The programme includes interactive quizzes, activities, videos, discussions, games and talks that help young people to make wise decisions about sex and relationships. We tailor the format of these workshops according to each group’s needs and create a safe environment where the young people feel comfortable to talk honestly about this sensitive topic. 

Chemistry Club aims to:

  • raise self esteem

  • teach facts about sexual health

  • challenge unhealthy attitudes/ messages about sex

  • deter risky promiscuous behaviour

  • highlight the features of truly loving relationships

  • empower young people to act as peer educators and role positive role models

For more details on the course content and ethos, check out the Romance Academy website. 

Please contact Amy if you are interesting in having us run this with the young people in your church/ youth group.

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