The YouthWorks Network seeks to develop better connected, collaborative youth ministry initiatives across the borough and helps to encourage and support Christian Youth Workers. These has several different outputs


YouthWorks Breakfast's


All local Christian Youth Workers and volunteers are welcome to come along to our monthly breakfasts to meet and pray with other people leading youth ministry in Newham. Held monthly on Friday mornings, this support network is a great opportunity to build relationships and link up with other youth projects. We talk about relevant industry topics, share news about upcoming events, and have honest discussions about recent challenges and encouragements.
Each month has a topic which is discussed, looking to draw on the collective knowledge of the group, so as to deliver better ministry in the borough. We also facilitate social trips to help better grow these relationships.

Upcoming events

TO be announced

For more information about Youthworks Breakfasts email

YouthWorks volunteers training


We are aways keen to see churches equipped to do the best youth work they can. For this reason we run volunteer training days, offering an opportunity to spend a day looking at some of the theories and procedures that underpin good youthwork and the practicalities of how we implement this into our practice. 


If you would like us to run a volunteer training day at your church, please email

YouthWorks training days


Each year we facilitate several training days, looking especially at the ongoing professional development of the numerous qualified youth workers in the borough. 
We have had days looking at young people and self harm, young people and drugs, online safeguarding and various other subjects.

We look to help youth workers develop their ministry and understanding and try to put on relevant training days. If you have a particular topic that you would like training on and feel would be helpful for other youth workers in the area please contact

YouthWorks strategy development


Over the years that NYFC has been running, we have realised more and more that every church has unique needs and aims when it comes to youth work. As a result, we developed a pack that helps church leaders and volunteers to look at what they want to achieve through their youth work and how they can go about initiating it. As a a result, churches are left with a lift of achievable and specific targets for each of the following three years.
If your church would benefit from this, please contact

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